Eastern Cape: Classes will run from both East London and Port Elizabeth

  • East London CIMA Classes will run every second week for Operational Level.
  • All classes are recorded; students can watch the videos as many times as they want on our online student portal.
  • Management Level will be introduced in the second semester of 2016 and Strategic in 2017.
  • In the meantime, for students interested in Certificate and Strategic Level, they are encouraged to register through our home study programme. They will be supported through our online student portal, which has class videos, student notes, a discussion forum where students interact with our lecturers etc….
  • Port ElizabethCIMA Classes for now will be offered on a Monthly block release basis for Operational Level and Management.
  • Four full days are allocated per subject to cover tuition: Giving you the same output as the 8 by 3 hours in other areas.
  • Strategic Level will be introduced in the second semester of 2016. However, for now both Certificate and Strategic Level are offered through our home study programme, supported by our dynamic online student support.


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