We know from years of experience that even the hardest working people can
sometimes struggle to pass. Therefore if you didn’t make it, IMAS is ready
to support you for the 2016 CIMA Exams. Therefore our July Revision Classes
are meant to equip you write your Objective Test(s) before end of July and
get you ready for the Integrated Case Study in August.

Revision Classes will include the following:

2 Full Days Contact Revision Classes per subject, except on E1
Objective Test Mock Exam
2 Integrated Case Study Revision Sessions
1 Integrated Case Study Mock Exam

The Revision fee is R 1,800 per subject

(For only Case Study Revision and Case Study Mock Exam and Feedback – R800 including Vat)

Venues: Johannesburg, Umhlanga (KZN) and Sandton

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