The Institute of Management Accounting and Strategy (IMAS) is a listed Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) tuition provider.

IMAS is the first institution in South Africa to exclusively offer the CIMA syllabus, both on a full–time and part-time basis. It was established to provide access to high quality education to deserving South Africans.Print

We offer a qualification that will open doors for you both nationally and internationally. The need for CIMA qualified graduates in South Africa is huge in both the private and public sectors.

We are committed to assisting our students complete their CIMA qualification within a reasonable time by offering them quality academic support that will ensure that they excel in their studies. We have put together the best qualified lecturing team to assist our students in their studies. At IMAS, you don’t pay to consult our lecturers and tutors, they are available to assist and guide you in whatever challenges you may be experiencing in your studies.

IMAS inspired by YOUR dreams.