CIMA Part Time Classes

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  • The CIMA qualification is distinguished by its relevance to business and its focus on developing financial, non-financial and business management skills with leading edge techniques.
  • The CIMA qualification is designed to develop the real world application of skills required by organisations, giving Chartered Management Accountants far more relevant competencies for the ever changing business world.
  • CIMA’s emphasis is on developing professionals who know how to analyse and provide recommendations on a range of critical business issues, thereby becoming valuable business partners.

Intakes per Annum

1st Intake

4 February to 31 August 2019

(All Campuses)

2nd Intake

29 June to 30 November 2019

(All Campuses)

3rd Intake

30 September 2019 to 28 February 2020

(All Campuses)

Distance Learning

We offer pre-recorded lecture videos, unlimited support from our lecturers via our student online portal.

Access to study notes and `lecture slides.

Kaplan Study Material i.e. Study Text and Exam Practice Kit

If there is anything we can help you with, feel free to contact our office on 011 3317343.

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2019 Applications

  • Registration for the 2nd block/semester is now open until the 15th of June, with classes starting on the 1st July. However, 3rd block registration is open until the 31st August, with classes starting on the 29th September.
  • If you want to study part-time and hold any tertiary qualification, you will need to pay R1,740 for CIMA Registration and Application Fee so we can apply for your exemptions. We need your academic transcript/record and copies of your graduation certificate i.e. Diploma, Degree etc.
  • Exemptions normally takes about 21 days before they are awarded and they are only awarded by CIMA.
  • Part-Time students will be required to pay a deposit of R2,000 per subject once their exemptions are confirmed.
  • Fundi provides study loans to those that are interested in studying with us.

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