Join The ACCA Accelerate Programme

Boost your career options with a fast-track discounted route to ACCA membership.

All over the world, employers are seeking out ACCA members to take their organisations into the future. That’s because the ACCA Qualification creates strategic thinkers who understand business needs.

The good news is that when you join the Accelerate programme, you get to leap ahead on your journey to becoming an ACCA member – a chartered certified finance professional.

That’s because what you learnt on your degree will count towards your ACCA Qualification.

And the great news is you can save considerable money by paying a reduced registration fee, discounted exemptions and special subscription fees.

What’s it like studying on the ACCA Accelerate programme?

Your university course is ACCA accredited, so it’s already aligned with our approach. In addition, you’ll get to study towards your final ACCA Professional-level exams, if you have the correct exemptions. 


Who qualifies to be on the ACCA Accelerate programme?


Students who completed their final year in 2018 in the below-mentioned institutions are eligible to be join the Accelerate programme. Graduates from previous years are excluded from the Accelerate programme, however, they can enrol for the ACCA programme as they do qualify for exemptions as well.

For more details on exemptions, Click here

What are the benefits of the ACCA Accelerate programme?

Institutes that offer Accounting Degrees

A fast track to ACCA membership

Get a head start on your journey to become a Charterd Certified Accountant Depending on the type of exemptions you receive, you could qualify as an ACCA Affiliate within a year.

Discounted fees

Students on the Accelerate programme get discounts on their exemptions – as well as heavily reduced registration and subscription fees. You stand to save an equivalent of R16,000.00

Accelerate makes the journey to becoming an ACCA member more affordable.


A CV that stands out

Employers want business-ready graduates. Graduates who combine their university studies with the ACCA Qualification have the skills to make an impact immediately. They’ve also demonstrated their commitment to a career in finance.

Membership of the ACCA community

Accelerate students are part of our worldwide student community. They get tailored communications – as well as access to resources, support and networking opportunities throughout their journey.

Career advice and opportunities

Accelerate students can boost their opportunities even further by getting industry-specific advice from ACCA Careers. They can upload their CV to our database – and could get exclusive job offers.

How do you get onto the ACCA Accelerate programme?

  • Complete our application form
  • Upload your academic documents i.e. Academic transcript, copy of your degree or diploma etc; Identity Document
  • Proof of registration fee of R400 plus R200 application fee
  • All your details will then be checked and you stand to save an equivalent of R16,840 with the Accelerate program.

How is the programme offered?

  • The Accelerate programme is currently offered at our Braamfontein, Pretoria and Durban Branches on a part-time basis and only on a full-time basis at our Braamfontein Main Campus.

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