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Top Benefits of ICB Qualification

Enhance Your Employability: with ICB qualification, you'll equipped with the skills and knowledge that employers seek in today's competitve market.


Increase your Earning potential: ICB qualification can lead to higher salaries and better career opportunities.


Gain a competitive edge: Differentiate yourself from the competitive with an ICB qualification


Build a strong foundation for career advancement: ICB qualification provides a solid foundation for further professional development and specialization


Enjoy flexibility and accessibility: Study at your own pace and choose from a variety of flexible learning option, including online and blended learning


Gain International Recognition: ICB qualification are recognized worldwide, opening up doors to global career opportunities

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    At IMAS, our dedication lies in delivering exceptional education, arming you with the expertise and skills essential for global success, particularly in the finance and accounting arena. Our unwavering commitment to your triumph knows no limits, fostering the confidence and proficiency required to chase your aspirations. We prioritize unparalleled student support, ensuring a seamless and triumphant educational journey.

    Global Recognition

    An ICB qualification stands as a globally respected credential, esteemed by employers across the world. Opting for ICB signifies positioning yourself for diverse international career prospects

    Practical Skills

    ICB’s emphasis on tangible, real-life skills ensures that graduates are equipped to confront workplace challenges, spanning from financial decision-making to effective risk management.

    Career Progression

    ICB unlocks opportunities for increased earning potential and advancement into senior management roles. It serves as a gateway to a prosperous, enduring career in the realms of accounting and finance.

    About IMAS

    At IMAS, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional education that equips you with the expertise and skills to excel in the global realm of bookkeeping and accounting. Our commitment to your success knows no bounds—we transcend geographical barriers to nurture your confidence and proficiency, empowering you to pursue your ICB Professional Bookkeeping Qualification.

    IMAS offers adaptable study options designed to harmonize with your ever-evolving work-life dynamics. Tailored for your convenience, choose between our part-time classes, engaging online tutor-led sessions during the week or on weekends. Alternatively, our distance learning program, supported by a cutting-edge student portal housing extensive pre-recorded classes and lecture notes, offers the flexibility to study at your own pace

    Ready to unlock your potential with ICB? Embark on a transformative journey toward a rewarding career in bookkeeping and financial strategy. Your path to success begins right here.

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    Why Choose IMAS

    Your Gateway to Success in Management Accounting and Financial Strategy

    Expert Faculty

    Experience the expertise of our faculty comprising seasoned lecturers and tutors, delivering invaluable real-world insights in every class. Our commitment to offering a superior education ensures you gain practical skills essential for success. Complementing them are our dedicated student liaison officers, providing exceptional and crucial support throughout your ICB learning journey.

    Industry-Relevant Curriculum

    Our thoughtfully crafted ICB syllabus remains updated with industry trends, offering directly applicable knowledge and skills for today’s fiercely competitive job market.

    Proven Success

    Join the league of our accomplished alumni who have attained pivotal roles in prominent global firms, demonstrating the efficacy of our programs.

    What Our Students Say

    Words of Wisdom from Our Graduates


    IMAS has been a game-changer in my career journey. The quality of education and support I received was exceptional. Today, I’m proud to say that I’ve achieved my career goals, thanks to IMAS.


    As a post-matric student in South Africa, IMAS was my go-to choice. The comprehensive courses and dedicated support prepared me for the competitive job market. Today, I’m thriving in my career, and it’s all thanks to IMAS.


    IMAS is the best institution to help with your studies. The lecturers are approachable, and always available and they go above and beyond the call of duty to support their students.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ICB FAQs: Discover swift responses to commonly asked questions about the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, including its accreditation, entry prerequisites, program duration, and professional opportunities.

    What is ICB qualification?
    The ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) offers various qualification in fields like Business Management, Financial Accounting, and Office Administration. It provides a solid foundation for a career in accounting and book keeping.
    Are ICB courses recognized internationaly?
    While the ICB qualification recognized and respected in South Africa, their international recognition may very depending on the country and employer. They are videly accepted within South Africa business context.
    What study option are available for ICB Courses at IMAS?
    IMAS Offers ICB qualification on a Full-time, Part-time and distance learning basis, providing flexibility for individuals with various schedule.
    Can I get exemption from ICB Subject based on my previous qualification?
    Depending on your prior education, especially in finance, accounting or business studies, you may be eligible for exemption from certain ICB subjects. IMAS evaluate these qualifications for possible exemptions.
    How can I apply for ICB courses at IMAS?
    To apply for ICB courses, you can fill out application form above. You can also reach out to our admission team for guidance through the application process.

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