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Top Benefits of CIMA Qualification


Global Recognition – The CIMA CGMA designation is widely respected and globally recognised.


Strategic Skills - Learn highly applicable skills that more than 2,000 companies around the world have identified as being critical for driving actionable insights.


Career Advancement - Develop the competencies that accelerate career growth by evolving beyond technical accounting to take on strategic and management priorities.


Global Recognition - Join 150,000 designation holders and the world's largest community of finance professionals.


Career Advancement – Enhance your employability with skills, competence and mindset that employers want.


Earning Potential – Boost your earning potential with a globally recognised professional accountancy designation.

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At IMAS, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch education that empowers you with the knowledge and skills to excel globally, especially in the realm of finance and accounting field. Our commitment to your success knows no bounds, ensuring you pursue your dreams with confidence and expertise. We prioritise excellent student support to make your educational journey seamless and successful

Global Recognition

CIMA is a globally recognized qualification, respected by employers worldwide. Choosing CIMA means positioning yourself for international career opportunities.

Practical Skills

CIMA’s focus on practical, real-world skills ensures that graduates are well-prepared to tackle challenges in the workplace, from financial decision-making to risk management.

Career Progression

CIMA opens doors to higher earning potential and senior management positions. It’s a pathway to a successful, long-term career in accounting and finance.

CGMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP)

Accelerated Digital Route To Becoming A Chartered Management Accountant

About IMAS

At IMAS, our passion is delivering top-tier education that empowers you with the knowledge and skills to reach new heights in the global landscape. We extend our unwavering commitment to your success, transcending geographical boundaries, and instilling the confidence and expertise you need to pursue your CIMA Professional Accountancy Qualification.

At IMAS, we offer flexible study options to our students tailored to suit their dynamic work-life balance. You can choose from our part-time or online based tutor led classes offered mid-week or on weekend-based classes. Alternatively, for students who want to study at their own pace, our distance learning supported by our world class student portal loaded with pre-recorded classes and lecture notes may be suited for your.

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Your Gateway to Success in Management Accounting and Financial Strategy

Expert Faculty

Benefit from our experienced team of lecturers and tutors who bring real-world insights to the classroom, ensuring a top-notch education that equips you with practical skills. They are supported by equally dedicated student liaison officers who provide vital and excellent service in your CIMA journey.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Our meticulously designed CIMA curriculum stays current with industry trends, providing knowledge and skills directly applicable in today’s competitive job market.

Proven Success

Join the ranks of our successful graduates who have secured key positions in leading organizations worldwide, showcasing the effectiveness of our programs.

What Our Students Say

Words of Wisdom from Our Graduates



IMAS has been a game-changer in my career journey. The quality of education and support I received was exceptional. Today, I’m proud to say that I’ve achieved my career goals, thanks to IMAS.



As a post-matric student in South Africa, IMAS was my go-to choice. The comprehensive courses and dedicated support prepared me for the competitive job market. Today, I’m thriving in my career, and it’s all thanks to IMAS.



IMAS is the best institution to help with your studies. The lecturers are approachable, and always available and they go above and beyond the call of duty to support their students.

Frequently Asked Questions

CIMA FAQs: Get quick answers to common queries about the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, its recognition, entry requirements, course duration, and career prospects.

What is CIMA?
CIMA stands for Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. It is a professional qualification for those interested in management accounting and financial strategy.
Is CIMA internationally recognized?
Yes, CIMA is recognized worldwide, making it an excellent choice for those seeking international career opportunities.
What are the entry requirements for CIMA?
The entry requirements may vary by country, but typically, you need a relevant academic degree or qualification. Some students start with the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting.
Why should I choose IMAS for my education?
IMAS is your gateway to global recognition and a successful career. We offer top-notch education, experienced faculty, and flexible learning options, ensuring your path to excellence in management accounting and financial strategy. Choose IMAS for a bright future in the world of finance and accounting.
How long does it take to complete CIMA?
The time it takes to complete CIMA depends on the level of the qualification and your study pace. On average, students can complete it in 3-4 years.
What career opportunities does CIMA provide?
CIMA opens doors to various career opportunities in management accounting, finance, and business strategy. Graduates often pursue roles as financial analysts, management accountants, and even progress to senior management positions.
Why should I choose the CIMA course from IMAS?
IMAS offers top-tier CIMA courses. Benefit from global recognition, expert guidance, and flexible learning options, accelerating your career and giving you the skills for financial and strategic challenges. Join our global community and enjoy lifelong learning support for continued success.
Can I study CIMA courses at my own pace with IMAS?
Yes, IMAS offers flexible study options, allowing students to choose full-time, part-time, or online courses that align with their individual pace and schedules.

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