FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i choose SDMI for learning digital marketing?

At SDMI, we provide training in North Delhi and assure job placement post-learning. Our institute covers all digital marketing aspects and equips you with strategies to ace any interview effortlessly.

Is pursuing a career in Digital Marketing a wise choice?
Absolutely. Studies show a surge in job opportunities within digital marketing. Companies are prioritizing marketing roles due to increased social media and platform usage.
Is learning a Digital Marketing course challenging?
Not at SDMI. We cater to all learning levels, offering comprehensive knowledge from basic to advanced. Our doubt sessions encourage students to seek assistance for any hurdles, ensuring smooth practical learning experiences.
Who is eligible for this course?
Anyone interested in this field can enroll. Basic computer and internet knowledge is sufficient for participation.
What salary can I expect after completing the digital marketing training program?
Upon completing the course at SDMI and a 6-month internship, you can anticipate starting a job with a minimum salary of 15k+.
Is it possible to study digital marketing without prior experience?
Absolutely, our course is tailored for beginners, encompassing all fundamental concepts, allowing anyone to learn digital marketing regardless of prior experience.